Design Centre

Location: SID 203

Typically a facility of this type is the hub of any professional design studio; it is a key learning resource here at RSID. It houses a comprehensive and current collection of interior product catalogues and materials relevant to the study and practice of interior design. Our Resource Specialist and student assistants staff the Centre throughout the year. The centre also houses a reference collection of unique design-related books and magazines. The more students learn about materials and their properties, the more successful their projects become.


dfz - Design Fabrication Zone

Location: 483 Bay Street Suite 103N

The Ryerson Design Fabrication Zone is a joint venture between the School of Interior Design and the Department of Architectural Science. The zone fosters rich networking opportunities for student-driven initiatives through mentorship, workshops, strategic partnerships and cross-disciplinary collaboration. The DFZ offers access to traditional and digital fabrication technologies enabling members to prototype and model ideas in order to test, evaluate and realize design concepts. 



Location: SID 109

Opportunities to design and work at full-scale are a vital part of the school’s educational values. This facility is equipped to support your hands-on discovery of three-dimensional design solutions, structural analysis and materials. Here is where you literally work things out. Knowledgeable staff will help you become familiar with equipment and will support your design explorations. 


Sustainability Matters Task Force

The Ryerson School of Interior Design Sustainability Matters Task Force is dedicated to implementing environmentally sustainable initiatives into our learning environment. In addition, we provide information on various steps and programs that students can become involved with to live a more eco-friendly life.