Process images courtesy of Brody White & Final product images courtesy of Dave Kemp

The re-design of the Launch Zone in the Ryerson Student Learning Centre is inspired by the interaction with the natural landscape. Drawing from the conceptual grounding which SnØhetta intended for the site, the intent for the design is to enhance and develop topographical elements that play of pre-existing prominent features. Using raised plinths at various levels, the user becomes more engaged as a place of work, study and social collaboration. Multifaceted display units can be separated from the main construction, and be placed in various orientations for promotion and education about zone learning. Overall, the design capitalizes on a carefully planned interplay between user engagement, creativity and a symbol of modern innovation which is a benchmark for the Zone Initiative for Ryerson.

RSID Students: Shana Anderson, Madison Burk, Dominique Di Libero, Sean McKay, Sonali Kallianpur, Sidney Tsao, Shalagh Quinn, Janine Yeung

Faculty and Staff Mentors: Jonathon Anderson and Adrian Kenny

Bluffs: A Design/Build Project for Ryerson Student Learning Centre
A group of eight interior design students recently completed a full-scale design/build project for the Launch Zone located on the 3rd floor of the Ryerson Student Learning Centre