Designboom Mart at IDS 2017 explores interaction through connecting, stretching and contracting space to create an ideal environment that engages the vendors and products. Intersecting rectilinear volumes, painted Designboom yellow, stretch vertically to define the nucleus of the Mart and act as a beacon, welcoming and drawing visitors in. A continuous baltic birch table contracts and expands around the volume, creating a plane of interaction between vendors and visitors. The undulating circulation encourages visitors to circumambulate through the Mart by generating new vistas, a sense of discovery and opportunities for connection.


RSID Students invited to design and build Designboom Mart at the 2017 Interior Design Show
Students: Samar Elsadik, Rajeshta Julatum, Leanne Lof, Alessa Metzler, Kayley Mullings + Reva Quam Faculty: Jonathon Anderson + Lois Weinthal