We are excited to have Molly Hunker of SPORTS Collaborative as she speaks on Reading the Room.

Location: Ryerson School of Interior Design, 302 Church St, Room 318

Molly Hunker is co-captain of the award-winning creative studio, SPORTS, and an assistant professor at Syracuse University School of Architecture.  SPORTS is focused on creating compelling spaces that are catalysts for social activities.  They approach design in a playful way, by balancing rigor and research with amusement and curiosity, and with the ambition to generate fresh and unexpected experiences of the built environment.  Much of their work has been public interventions that leverage the possibility for high-economy design gestures to have significant urban and community impacts.  SPORTS is the recipient of a 2017 Arch League Prize from the Architectural League of NY, the 2018 Young Architect Award from The Architect’s Newspaper, and a 2017 ACSA Faculty Design Award. 

Event Dates: 
November 7th, 2019 @ 5:00pm
Lecture Series: November 7
Molly Hunker, from multidisciplinary architecture and design firm SPORTS, focuses on catalysts for social activities.