CSC (Construction Specifications Canada) Student Design Competition is open to all current students with an interest in construction-related activities such as architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, interior design, construction management, innovative products, and manufacturing. A chief organizing committee of the competition is comprised of the Grand Valley and Toronto Chapters. In essence, the competition asked to propose a renovation to an existing building located at Queen Street 8, Kitchener to accommodate a facility with a focus on a creative hub / museum / gallery and work spaces. The overall character and functionality of the building emerged out of growing understanding of Kitchener's evolving citizen base, greatly impacted by new developments and investments in the city core. The existing building is a real building, but the renovation was theoretical, and without budgetary constraints.

There are two aspects to the competition rewards: Publication, and Prizes. The results of the competition will be published in Construction Canada Magazine, both hard copy and electronic versions ( The winning entries were also awarded cash prizes as follows: 1st place - $2,000; 2nd place - $1,000; and 3rd place - $500.


Julian Baile, Roman Fomin and Justine Johnson. Total number of entries- 14 representing 3 schools.


Chrysalis celebrates Kitchener and its willingness towards change and growth. Our renovation mirrors the city's constant development and reinvention by introducing a crystal structure that emerges from the existing building. This glass structure unifies the three floors and highlights the verticality of the building.

The programming engages with the mind, body and soul. Meant to reconnect, revitalize and rejuvenate the individual. The first floor focuses on the body and bonding as a community through interactive activities with the Rock Wall. The second revitalizes the mind, providing ample room for classrooms and open programming. Finally, the top floor rejuvenates the soul through nature and contemplative meditation areas. The building aims to harmonize the individuals with the community and themselves.


Vertical Studio students Julian Baile, Roman Fomin and Justine Johnson won the competition which called for the design of a creative hub-gallery-museum and work spaces in a repurposed building.